Perfectly Handcrafted Pizza Worthy of a Goddess…

Handmade Pizza From a Wood Fire

Goddess Pizza, founded in 2017, is a Boston owned company dedicated to quality ingredients and delicious food at a fair price that you’ll love.

Made with 100% organic ingredients, and tons of love. Made by goddesses, it is literally the best damn thing on the planet. Our mission is to provide the freshest and most delicious wood-fired pizza available made with love by using only farmers’ sourced ingredients and handcrafted dough and sauce!

Taste Fresh Pizza

Welcome to Goddess Pizza!

“People eat with their eyes first,” so we focus on the presentation! One of the most exciting parts of live-fire cooking makes Goddess Pizza unlike any other food truck in that it is an interactive experience – this is designed to teach people how to create and bake their own specialized pizzas! Our pizzas are baked until their underside have the telltale “leopard speckling” – in all of an amazing 90-seconds! We love the authentic feel of our wood fired oven, and the delicious pizza our oven creates!! We use organic, locally sourced farm fresh produce and top of the line meats and cheeses as well as using a 00 flour for our dough. Because we use our slow cooking methods; such as a three day fermentation and a sour dough starter, our doughs have a wonderful old world texture and a well developed flavor.

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